I’m thrilled to announce that I have been named a Jubilee Ambassador for Bärenreiter, a world-renowned publisher of classical music editions. As a musician and producer, I have had the pleasure of working with Bärenreiter on many occasions throughout my career.

My first experience with Bärenreiter was during my time as a young singer in Mexico City. I remember getting my hands on a copy of their edition of Mozart’s Don Giovanni, and being amazed at the level of detail and accuracy in the score. Since then, I have relied on Bärenreiter editions for many of my performances and productions.

One of my most exciting projects with Bärenreiter was during my first year as Chief Artistic Officer of the Santa Fe Opera. We worked on a production of Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, and I wanted to ensure we were using the score’s most accurate and reliable edition. Bärenreiter’s edition was the obvious choice, providing the foundation for a truly spectacular production.

What I value most about Bärenreiter editions is the level of scholarship and attention to detail that goes into everyone. Their editions are not just reliable; they are also beautifully produced and designed. Bärenreiter truly cares about the music, the composers, and the performers who bring their music to life.

As a Jubilee Ambassador for Bärenreiter, I look forward to continuing to work with this esteemed publisher and promoting their essential work to musicians and music lovers worldwide.

David Lomelí

Chief Artistic Officer, Santa Fe Opera