As a student, I have always referred to Bärenreiter for the Mozart and Beethoven symphonic repertoire, but my first encounter with Bärenreiter happened with the operatic title “Comte Ory” by Rossini, and it was totally unexpected: it’s quite an unknown opera, and it was a big surprise for me to see how precise and consistent Bärenreiter was in its work, with high profile researchers and an amazing high-quality end result.


Moreover, during the preparation of a project, I always had the chance to discuss with the researchers with an extremely high sense of cooperation, always having as the goal to achieve the best possible result in terms of performance. 

It’s a pleasure and it makes me feel very lucky to know that simply…Bärenreiter exists, it’s there to support me in my job.

Giacomo Sagripanti

Principal Guest Conductor for operatic repertoire at Fondazione Lirico Sinfonca Petruzzelli in Bari
Music Director at Tbilisi State Opera