My first encounter with Bärenreiter was in 2009 when I started studying at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. I remember that I went for an extra lesson to my teacher’s studio (Anna Radziejewska was my teacher at that time) and I saw on her shelves at least 30 blue and red scores. Later on, I figured out that red was for Mozart and blue was for my favourite composer Handel. I remember very well that it left a huge impression on me. I really wanted to have at least one of those greatly published scores.
    A few years later, I got the offer to sing in Aachen. That was my first international production so I finally got myself my first Bärenreiter score of „Alcina” by Handel. I was so incredibly happy to put all my crazy notes and markings in that fresh book. It always makes me so excited to work on those scores. I put a lot of heart into the music that they held and also later on with all of my writing inside I can take that score and it really brings back so many great memories from projects that I used those scores for.
So looking forward to my next musical adventures with my Bärenreiter scores!

Jakub Józef Orliński