The first time we worked with Bärenreiter was with their editorial department on the Janáček quartets – and we immediately felt part of a bustling adventure, felt part of a family, whether that was with the wonderfully active team working there or the delightful Scheuch family, with whom we’ve maintained a friendly relationship. Through this editorial endeavour led by Miroslav Srnka, we have further developed our collaboration with Bärenreiter on other invaluable Urtext projects and on premieres and contemporary works by some of the leading composers of our time, like Maintz, Scartazzini, Furrer, and Ammann, and of course Srnka.

We are very proud to be ambassadors and friends of Bärenreiter, and to work on an almost daily basis with such a house of quality! 

Léo Marillier – for Quatour Diotima

Quatuor Diotima:
Yun-Peng Zhao, Violin
Léo Marillier, Violin
Franck Chevalier, Viola
Pierre Morlet, Violoncello