My first memory with Bärenreiter goes to the year of 2003 at age 8, when I got some music scores as a prize and they were from the Bach collection of Bärenreiter! I loved the light blue color and am still using them with pleasure. But it was not the only support that I received – In 2020, after winning the Mozart competition in Salzburg sponsored by Bärenreiter, I could again receive various Bärenreiter Urtext editions.

Using Bärenreiter gives me the privilege to get closer to the composer’s intentions as it has minimized the non-essential markings. Instead, by reading the detailed prefaces and reliable instructions, it enables me to get a more convincing insight through sufficient thoughts.

I am so happy to be part of the big celebration of the 100 years anniversary since the foundation of Bärenreiter. Also excited to constantly experience more from them. With deep appreciation, sincere congratulations!

Su Yeon Kim