If Bärenreiter were a football team, the Champions League would be all the richer for it with an extra strong team. In the end, every successful team is made up of people who can function well and create something great. As a conductor, I have repeatedly had very pleasant experiences with this team and have always felt in really capable hands here. It is the individual people who – through their professionalism and human integrity – create the results that determine the quality of the brand.  And I have encountered such people at Bärenreiter – also as part of the active collaboration on Janáček’s “The Makropulos Affair”. For us performers, it is very valuable to have a “pure”, reliable basis for interpretation and it is so fascinating to bring it to life. I wish Bärenreiter, with all my heart and with gratitude, the most beautiful noblest of sounds.

Tomáš Hanus

Music Director of the Welsh National Opera