Since childhood, Bärenreiter editions have grown very close to our hearts. Already at the German youth music competition “Jugend Musiziert ” they were a welcome special prize which we received as vouchers enabling us to stock up on new editions. Also, during the course of our studies, Bärenreiter editions were a constant companion.

Above all, the Urtext editions are the absolute musical reference for us. On the one hand, the layout of the notation is always superbly legible, on the other hand, the editions leave suitable space for your own interpretation, while always considering all the sources and always up to date with the latest research.

Many warm congratulations, dear Bärenreiter!

Your Visions!

vision string quartet

Jakob Encke, Violine
Daniel Stoll, Violine
Sander Stuart, Viola
Leonard Disselhorst, Violoncello